Wikistalker, a ┬áreinterpretation of ‘Web Stalker‘, is a ┬ávisualization of the meta-structure of Wikipedia articles.
In this visualization, a ‘sun’ in generated for each article. Each ray represents an out-going link. The length of each link shows the semantic relevance between those two linked articles based on ‘Wikipedia Miner‘ measures.
In the middle, in the category view tab, Wikistalker illustrates how links are related to the main entry based on how many categories they have in common. The category view mesh shows which links are ontologically related versus rays that show semantic relevance.
In ‘Link view’ tab a short description appears in the middle and users can navigate by clicking on links.

This project is implemented in HTML5 using processingjs and raphaeljs d3.js.

Click here to try Wikistalker




Click here to try Wikistalker

The initial idea of this project came from the reading of Hubert Dreyfus’s book ‘On the Internet’ and his existential analysis of the Internet based on ideas from Kierkegaard, Heidegger and Foucault.

About user interface:

You can filter links by their relatedness using the bar and sort them alphabetically or by relevance. A short description and an image of article appears in the middle of the page. For the complete article you can click on ‘Article view’ on top.

To navigate you can click on any link that when it is highlighted and either chose ‘Go to entry’ in the middle or ‘close’ to select another link.

Category View (New Feature) shows how how different links are related to the main article by connecting those which are sharing a category.

Circles on the end of the links are for articles that are mutually linked.

Top image is the visualization of Michel Foucault article with the link to ‘Order of the Things’ highlighted.

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