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Thelma Polymer Charts

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BI Visualization Dashboard for Noom Inc.

Using D3.js NVD3.js (MySQL, Flask, Python)


10 Largest Cities in the United States by Population by Decade

Data extracted from US Census, visualizing the dynamics of urbanization in the United States since the first census. Wikipedia Article.

Using Processing in 3D

US population visualization

Watch the video here. This is just a preview. I am working on making the interactive version available online. If you are interested in having the code, please contact me.

Wikipedia Visualization

Separation of content from links with an alternative navigation method to browse Wikipedia Articles.

D3.js and Javascript



Visualization of Dewey classes of checked out material at Seattle public library: Visualization

An interactive visualization of my reading history using goodreads API fused with API to translate ISBN number to more meaningful Dewey Classification Number and its visualization using Protovis. Visualization (FireFox Only) Visualization

An interactive visualization of music listening history.

Wikipedia Category Frequency

Largest cities in the United States by population by decade

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