While ‘Facebook Demetricator‘ removes all the quantifications that Facebook adds to the UI to engage users, slowing down the economy of liking, facebook datamining engine keeps processing data to grow the network of associations and relations by using every implicit and explicit feedback given by users (dividuating?).

likeeverything is a browser plugin (an addition to Facebook Demetricator) which adds a button to your Facebook page, to make it possible to like everything within a page at once and indiscriminately. By doing so it homogenizes the association probabilities of the edges of the social graph, not only for one who does ‘likeeveything’, since the probabilities propagate.

After all a network gets deprived of information as it gets symmetrical and balanced, not very different from a solid univocity when it becomes a complete uniformly weighted graph.

The code is available here. Please refer to Facebook Demetricator for installation instructions.

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