Experimental Web

A series of web based projects experimenting with different characteristics of web as a medium.

Experimental reading tool:

On the net, the starting point in reading a text is almost arbitrary and branching from any point of text is inevitable. TEWXT is an experimental reading tool that realizes this experience within a web page. It creates a hypertext structure from a corpus of text not by using pre-defined hype-links, but by allowing users to search-branch-read at any point and write marginal notes while reading.

This structure of text boxes can grow infinitely to create something like Walter Benjamin’s ‘Arcade’ or just go through ‘The garden of forking paths’

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Link-free WordPress template:

The interconnected nature of web and the ease of navigation makes our experience of reading very different from physical media (Books, Urban space etc.). In this WordPress template, instead of using links, navigation is possible by solving the puzzles generated from the WP content.

WP template : http://sepans.com/bcwp/

McLuhan Quotation Generator:

A Markov text generator that creates Mcluhanesque quotations infinitely and pairs them with images from Flickr.

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