Polymer element for encapsulated p5.js editor with live coding. Demo - Documentation - Source Preview: [iframe src="http://sepans.github.io/p5-element/components/p5-elemen-> Show project details


A reverse-hypertext, or the garden of forking pointers, or a d3.js eulogy to hyperlinks A Polymer web-component chrome experiment.  Source. LIVE DEMO. Or try it below: -> Show project details

Machine for Making Sense

010011.net, machineformakingsense.com or thetechnologyofquestions.cc; Maimonides builds a [search engine]. Commissioned by Jewish Museum by Chris Mann with Sepand Ansari Rev-> Show project details


For composer and poet Chris Mann. theuse.info Also appeared in Public Works (Issue Project Room and turbulence.org) (Including realtime HTML5 Audio API filters enabled by filt-> Show project details


Wikistalker, a  reinterpretation of 'Web Stalker', is a  visualization of the meta-structure of Wikipedia articles. In this visualization, a 'sun' in generated for each article.-> Show project details


Lenses: [iframe src="http://lenses.github.io/lenses-freeform/components/lenses-freeform/" width="700" height="500"] Weather Mining: Direct link iframe: [iframe src-> Show project details


Photographer Bot: Raspberry Pi, Python, OpenCV 2014                          &nb-> Show project details

Time-based Media Annotation

A web-based tool for time-based media annotation including hyperlinking, transcription, bookmarking and attaching other media. View Demo Version Developed as an open source -> Show project details

Waiting for Gwodot

A Tragicomedy in HTML The Play Samuel Becket's  Waiting for Godot, re-mediated for Web. In this project different parts of the play are appropriated for cyberspace. to exam-> Show project details


While 'Facebook Demetricator' removes all the quantifications that Facebook adds to the UI to engage users, slowing down the economy of liking, facebook datamining engine keeps pr-> Show project details

Experimental Web

A series of web based projects experimenting with different characteristics of web as a medium. Experimental reading tool: On the net, the starting point in reading a text is al-> Show project details


Is the sister project of Wikistalker. It uses the same concept to arrange Wikipedia links in 3D based on their relatedness to the main article but in this project users can navigat-> Show project details


Being ‘enframed’, is a privilege given to special objects. The modern tendency to admit as many objects as possible to a privileged place has not yet conquered the realm of fra-> Show project details